Sustainable Industrial Revolution and Innovation Sdn Bhd (SIRI) was officially incorporated in July 2018 with an aspiration to be a recognised and preferred services partner’s to the industry. SIRI humble beginning started as early as 2000 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) with the main intention to focus in the adoption of hybrid field – Management of Technology. 

SIRI plays a crucial roles in developing a platform towards meeting both industrial needs and demands. Being part of UTM eco-system (a spin-off company), SIRI was able to promote the latest research in technology to the industry hence making the industry stay relevant and retain its competitiveness both locally and internationally.

 As a decision making specialist, SIRI is dedicated in guaranteeing their clients acquire accurate diagnostic and analysis by incorporating various technologies landscape not limited to insight, hindsight and foresight methodologies. With its’ tagline “Execution Beyond Quality”, SIRI help its clients to realize their true performance thus enhanced the potential towards enterprise growth and sustainability.